About Me

I am an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Universidad Libre in Bogotá (Colombia), and a member of the research group CINDES. The main topics in my classes are mathematical programming, simulation, and logistics. As a Professor, I am interested in the inclusion of sustainability in the decision-making processes of any engineering field supported by the use of code programming as a tool to facilitate those paths.

I received my Industrial Engineering degree in 1999 from Universidad del Norte. At that time, I did my first research to apply Design of Experiments to analyze efficiency in production lines at a technology manufacturing plant.

After a few years working within the NGOs and international cooperation field, I decided to make my Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, successfully presenting my thesis on the use of system dynamics and transportation policies in 2013. With the tutoring of Eng. Germán Méndez Giraldo, I started to work with system dynamics achieving skills for the analysis of manufacturing and social systems.

Becoming a teacher was a remarkable change in my professional life. It has many challenges, and one of them is the strengthening of research skills. As a researcher at Universidad Libre since 2013, my objectives are focused on Healthcare Logistics. With my colleague Eng. Manuel Camacho Oliveros, and members of the research group CINDES, I have worked with the application of lean healthcare, system dynamics, discrete event simulation, and more recently, mathematical programming to improve efficiency and equity in health care service delivery.

Since 2018 I’m a student of the Doctorate in Engineering Industry and Organizations at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. My research topic is about facility location and healthcare network design to accomplish sustainability standards with mathematical programming. Eng. Gustavo Alfredo Bula is my research tutor, and with his guidance, I’ve been introduced in the field of multiobjective programming.